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Very Berry Iced Tea

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Craving some cold drink with your pizza?

Here is something healthy and yet tasty drink to go. Don't pick up those aerated unhealthy drinks from your supermarket store aisle, instead give your regular tea a twist.

This version uses strawberry and raspberry tea bags but you are free to explore your likes and could go for other flavours. After all very berry ice tea needs berries......right?

Very Berry Iced Tea Image

So lets dive into the recipe

Very Berry iced tea image sideview


Very Berry iced tea


1 Strawberry and Raspberry tea bags (Any berry tea would do)

250 ml cold water

10-12 blueberries, frozen

6-7 Raspberries, frozen

2-3 Strawberries, diced and frozen

2 teaspoon Maple syrup

Rock Salt, A pinch

1 tbsp Lemon Juice

2-3 Sprigs of mint


  • Brew some tea in a container for 5-10 mins, Just put tea bag into water.

  • After you see that gorgeous red colour add lemon juice to it.

  • Add salt, maple syrup and give it a stir.

  • Now in an empty glass put each kind of berry,Now pour the prepared tea into the glass with berries.

  • Garnish with mint and here is your healthy cooler


  • You may also use red currants into this recipe.

  • Any healthy sweetener would do as an alternative to maple syrup.

  • This is a cold brew tea Recipe.

Very Berry Iced tea image

Its super simple and very "berry" delicious, enjoy.


Very Berry Iced Tea in process image

Do try this recipe and comment your experiences below.

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Let the art of food paint you.

Love, Uma


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