Creamy Ricotta Hawaiin pizza

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I love Pineapple and what's good than a pizza with pineapple. You may have had a lot of version of Hawaiian pizza but this version is sure to say "Yeah". I have used three kinds of cheese in this but surely the hero is Ricotta. It gives it immense creaminess.

A burst of juicy pineapples, creamy ricotta, fresh basil, spicy sundried tomatoes, crunchy onions... I am sure your mouth is watering.

Although I have told you my toppings you are free to experiment with your favourite ones. After all, pizzas are for topping experimentation.

Pizza is sumptuous and favourite of everyone. We are trying to make it a healthier version so that only cheat days are not demanding for them.

You may make it fresh and serve to your favourites in lunch or dinner.

Creamy Ricotta Hawaiin Pizza

Yield: A 10 inch Pizza

Total Time: Approx 3 hours


For Pizza Dough

1 cup, whole wheat flour

1 cup, all-purpose flour

1 Teaspoon Sugar

Active Dry Yeast

Half cup warm Milk

salt, according to taste


Pizza sauce

Mozzarella cheese

Parmesan Cheese

Pineapple chunks

Onion sliced


Sundried Tomato

Ricotta cheese


For Pizza Dough

  • Activate dry yeast by putting a spoon in warm milk and sugar, let it stand for 5-10 mins.

  • Take whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour, salt in a mixing bowl. Make some space in between and pour a little solution of yeast.

  • Combine everything with little water. It will be sticky at first.

  • Dust some flour on the surface and bring down the dough from the bowl.

  • Knead with the help of your palm by stretching it. After good kneading place it in the bowl and keep it for proofing for an hour by placing a damp cloth over it.

  • After an hour punch the dough which has become double in size and knead again. keep it for second proofing for half an hour.

  • Your pizza dough is ready. Cut it into halves. Save the other for future use.

Preparing the pizza

  • With the help of your fingers stretch it into an approx ten-inch round form.

  • Leaving the edges, smother it with pizza sauce. Grate some mozzarella over it.

  • Place all the toppings, Sprinkle Parmesan and put dollops of Ricotta all over.

  • Save the basil for last.

  • Preheat oven at 200c ( 390F)

  • Place pizza for 25-30 mins. You will notice crust is cooked, cheese melts and ricotta gets some browning.

  • Take out your pizza, let it cool down and sprinkle it with basil leaves.

  • Enjoy your heavenly piece.


If you are short on time, you may use readymade pizza crusts. Rest of the recipe remains the same.

Try to use fresh cheeses to get the best taste.

If you don't have spicy sundried tomato, you may use the regular ones.

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Let the art of food paint you.

Love, Uma


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